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If you're new here, this is a little bit about us and how SHOOK Cocktails started ...

We are two sisters from Essex who try to live life to the fullest. We love to travel and in the summer of 2020 we managed to get away to Greece. It was laying on the beach in Rhodes, sipping Pina Coladas when that light bulb moment hit us!

We were both fed up with the Monday-Friday 9-5 and felt like we needed a change. A new focus. To work on something we were actually passionate about. So we asked ourselves, what do we enjoy and what are we good at?

The answer was simple ... cocktails.

We've always loved making and drinking cocktails. We enjoy getting creative and thinking of new ideas. We're always making them for friends and getting asked to make them at parties.

2020 really made us appreciate the smaller things in life and gave us that kick we needed to make a change. So as soon as we got home from that trip to Greece, we started to make fun and interesting cocktails to share on our socials and have loved every minute.

We believe everyone can make amazing, bar-worthy cocktails at home and want you all to enjoy it as much as we have.