Sexy Summer Strawberry Something

Sexy Summer Strawberry Something

With summer fast approaching (even though I am currently freezing writing this blog), we've been getting creative with refreshing, summery flavours. 

While pubs may be opening up, we know many of you will still be spending a lot of time at home this summer. BBQ, sun, friends, family, cocktails. An absolute winning combination. 

We love sweet, fruity cocktails (who doesn't?!), the sort of drinks that are dangerous because they taste so good that you just want more and more. This is one of those cocktails. 

We wanted to add a bit of sparkle to this one, so purchased a bottle of Enchanted Shimmer - it adds a really pretty glow to an already beautiful drink. We highly recommend!

Strawberry and passionfruit gin cocktail


We decided on gin for this one. Give it a go don't forget to tag us at @shook_cocktails and show us your creations! 

🍓 10ml Passionfruit syrup
🍓 50ml Strawberry JJ Whitley gin
🍓 25ml Passoa
🍓 200ml Passionfruit juice
🍓 Squeeze of Lime

Add all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until cold. Decorate your glass with slices of strawberry, add crushed ice and pour over. Top with strawberries and passionfruit. 🌻

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