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Eggcellent Cocktails

With Easter fast approaching, we thought we would share one of the best chocolate inspired cocktails we've made to date. Of course, it is a:

Cadbury's Cream Egg Martini 

Yes you heard right, this is the Easter cocktail of all Easter cocktails! Creamy, chocolatey, delicious and of course beautifully boozy. 

These cocktails are not only delicious and look amazing, but they're super easy to make too and with only a few key ingredients. They would make the perfect beverages at your annual Easter gatherings, whether a festive brunch with the girls, or a family get together. 
Cadburys cream egg cocktail easter cocktail cream egg martini
  • 50ml vanilla vodka - we used Absolut Vodka 
  • 25ml white crème de cacao
  • Few drops of yellow food colouring
  • 250ml milk 
  • 60ml condensed milk
  • Dark chocolate and Cadbury's Cream Eggs for garnish
  • Rim your glasses with melted chocolate then chill in the fridge
  • Combine food colouring, 25ml vodka and 30ml condensed milk in a jug, then pour into the base of each glass
  • Combine milk and ice with the remaining condensed milk, vodka and crème de cacao in a cocktail shaker
  • Shake vigorously then carefully strain into each glass.
Grate over extra chocolate and top with a half a creme egg each.
Happy Easter!